Today's exchange rates(updated on 2020-05-28)

1 : 71(high)
1 : 62(low)
USD/RTGS (interbank)
1 : 25(high)
1 : 25(low)
1 : 51.8(high)
1 : 45(low)
1 : 0(high)
1 : 10000(low)

1 : 17.04(high)
1 : 17.04(low)
1 : 1.16(high)
1 : 1.16(low)
1 : 72(high)
1 : 72(low)

Petrol : $21.52
Diesel : $20.84

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Commodity Prices


Commodity OK
All Purpose Cleaner 750ml $68.69
Bath soap Geisha 225g $43.99
Bath soap Jade 250g $38.99
Bath Soap Sona N/A
Beans Dried 500g $49.29
Bleach/Jik 750ml $96.59
Bread Bakers Inn $32.49
Bread Lobels $32.49
Bread Proton $32.49
Bread Shop $28.39
Candles 6pack 300g $45.99
Cereal (Cerevita) 500g $69.49
Cooking Oil 2l N/A
Creamer 1kg $227.99
Diapers 50 $623.89
Dish Washer 750ml $48.69
Drink Bally House $89.99
Drink Cheapest $56.99
Drink Mazoe Original 2l $116.99
Drink Mazoe less sugar $112.99
Eggs 30 $146.99
Eggs 6 $34.39
Flour 2kg $90.99
Green bar $55.29
Jam 375ml $43.49
Kapenta 1KG N/A
Kapenta 500g $251.79
Lotion/Cream Camphor 300ml $73.39
Macaroni 3kg $235.99
Margarine 500g $67.99
Matches pack of 10 boxes $26.79
Mayonnaise 750g $107.99
Mealie-meal 10kg N/A
Mealie-meal Refined 10kg $235.99
Milk 1l $36.99
Peanut butter 375ml $87.99
Petroleum Jelly 300ml $64.59
Rice white/Long grain $89.99
Salt 1kg $19.19
Sanitary Pads 10s/8s $39.29
Scouring powder 500g $42.59
Shoe polish 100ml $76.59
Shoe polish 50ml $53.89
Soup Usavi Mix 50g $16.39
Stasoft Refill (500ml) $120.49
Sugar 2kg N/A
Surface Cleaner 750ml $71.69
Tea 100 tea bags $50.79
Thai Rice 2kg $116.99
Tinned beans 410g $47.69
Tinned fish 155g $34.89
Tissues (Pack of 4) $41.99
Toilet Cleaner 500ml $72.49
Toothpaste 100ml $37.99
Washing Powder 1kg $121.89
Washing Powder 2kg $231.69


Commodity OK
Steak & Bone N/A
Blade Commercial N/A
Blade Super N/A
Bacon N/A
Bone meal N/A
Bones $45.90
Brisket N/A
Brisket Super N/A
BrisketCommercial N/A
Burgers $248.90
Butterfly Commercial N/A
Chakalaka wors N/A
Cleaned Heels $106.90
Commercial Mixed N/A
Commercial Steak N/A
Economy $109.90
Entrecote Commercial N/A
Entrecote Super N/A
Fillet N/A
Forequarter Commercial N/A
FQ Super N/A
Goulash N/A
Meat balls N/A
Mince N/A
Mince Extra Lean N/A
Mince Fat Free N/A
Mince Topside $189.90
Mixed Beef N/A
Neck Super N/A
Porterhouse N/A
Prime Rib Commercial N/A
Prime Ribs Super N/A
Roast N/A
Rump steak N/A
Liver N/A
Rump on bone N/A
Salmon Commercial N/A
Sliverside Commercial N/A
Schnitzels N/A
Shin Commercial N/A
Shin Super N/A
Short Ribs Commercial N/A
Short Ribs Super N/A
Steak Commercial N/A
Steak On Bone Commercial N/A
Steak Diced N/A
Steak Minute N/A
Steak on bone super $129.90
Stewing N/A
Stewing Super N/A
Stir-fry Commercial N/A
Stroganoff Commercial N/A
Tail N/A
T bone Commercial N/A
T-bone Super N/A
Texan T-bone N/A
Texan Steak N/A
Topside steak commercial N/A
Value steak $98.90
Offals N/A
Guru $85.90
Susu Bybles N/A
Heart N/A
Kidney N/A
Lungs N/A
Matumbu N/A
Melts (Rwatata) N/A
Tongue N/A
Reeds N/A
Sausage N/A
BraiiWors N/A
Country Style Garfunkel's 500g $98.99
Country Style/Shop kg N/A
Sausage BBQ N/A
Sausage Beef cocktail N/A
Sausage Braii N/A
Sausage Chakalaka N/A
Sausage Economy Braii N/A
Sausage Farmstyle N/A
Sausage Value $95.90
Sable King $235.99
Sable mega N/A
Sable Queen N/A
Shop/kg N/A
Surrey bird blue N/A
Surrey black N/A
Surrey Purple bird 1.5kg $207.99
Surrey Yellowbird large $180.99


Commodity OK
Baba John $110.99
Baba John breasts N/A
Baba John Drumsticks N/A
Baba John thighs N/A
Baba John wings N/A
Baba John's Fillets N/A
Big brother $236.99
Irvine's $140.99
Irvines breasts N/A
Irvine's Breast fillet N/A
Irvines Drumsticks N/A
Irvines Machikichori N/A
Irvine's thighs N/A
Irvine's wings N/A
Jolly Jongwe N/A
Just Chicken N/A
Just Chicken Drumsticks N/A
Just Chicken Thighs N/A
Just Chicken Wings N/A
Sable $120.99
Sable breasts N/A
Sable drumsticks $120.00
Sable thighs N/A
Sable wings N/A
Shop N/A
Shop backs N/A
Shop wings N/A
Surrey $139.99
Surrey Drumsticks N/A
Surrey thighs N/A
Surrey Wings N/A
Surrey breasts N/A
1.5KG N/A
Shoppers Choice N/A
Shop 1.5kg $173.99
2KGs N/A
Baba John's 2kg $213.99
Big brother drumsticks 2kg N/A
Farmer Jays 2kg N/A
Farmers Pride N/A
Gango 2kg N/A
Irvine's 2kg $277.99
Irvine's Portion Stew N/A
Just Chicken Breats N/A
People's Choice N/A
Sable 2kg $239.99
Sable Backs $213.99
Sable Gango N/A
Shop 2kg N/A
Shopper's Choice 2kg N/A
Surrey 2kg $229.99
3KGs N/A
Shop 3kg N/A
5KGs N/A
Irvine's mixed 5kg N/A
Sable mixed 5kg $591.99
Surrey Mixed 5kg $682.99
Whole Bird N/A
Big Brother Blue N/A
Big brother orange N/A
Big Brother Yellow N/A
Irvine's Spring Small N/A
Irvine's bird small green N/A
Irvine's blue N/A
Irvine's Red N/A
Irvine's Family $275.99
Irvine's large $243.99
Irvine's Standard $230.99
Irvine's Orange N/A
Just Chicken 1-1.2 N/A
Just Chicken 1.5-1.7 N/A
Sable economy bird N/A
Sable Family $204.99
Sable King $235.99
Sable mega N/A
Sable Queen N/A
Shop/kg N/A
Surrey bird blue N/A
Surrey black N/A
Surrey Purple bird 1.5kg $207.99
Surrey Yellowbird large $180.99
Backs N/A
Bones N/A
Burger N/A
Feet $91.60
Baba John Feet 1kg N/A
Gizzards N/A
Heads $49.90
Hearts $110.90
Irvine's hearts $88.99
Irvine's Gizzards 1kg $63.49
Irvine's Liver 1kg $101.99
Irvine's Liver Tub 250g N/A
Irvine's Necks 500g $41.99
Irvine's Sausages 500g N/A
Irvine's Feet 500g N/A
Liver N/A
Matumbu N/A
Mince N/A
Necks $134.90
Sausage N/A
Sable Matumbu 1kg $46.99
Skins N/A

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