RBZ Blasts Panic Causing Rumours Claiming Bond Notes Will Be Discontinued On January 26

  The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has dismissed social media rumours which claimed that the country’s surrogate currency, the bond notes will be discontinued on January 26. The RBZ advised the public to keep calm saying that the rumour was meant to cause panic and despondency in an already fragile economy. In a statement … Read full post here

I’m Not A Fool…I Don’t Keep Those Sh*t Bond Notes Or RTGS Declares Chatunga Mugabe As He Savages Mangudya & Mthuli Ncube

  Former president Robert Mugabe’s last born son Chatunga Bellarmine Mugabe has savaged Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube and Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor John Panonetsa Mangudya saying that they are cheating Zimbabweans through the bond notes and the RTGS system. The younger Mugabe insisted that he does not keep and use the two pseudo … Read full post here

All Govt Employees, Including Embassy Workers In Foreign Countries, Get Paid In Bond/RTGS: Perm Sec Makes Shocking Claim

  Permanent Secretary for Information, Publicity & Broadcasting Services Ndabaningi “Nick” Mangwana has claimed that all government workers regardless of rank or posting earn in bond notes and RTGS electronic money. Mangwana went on to say that even Embassy staff posted in foreign countries also get paid in bond notes and have to make their … Read full post here

Increase Fuel To $4.39/Litre Or Fire Mangudya & His Bond Notes – Former Minister Calls For Mangudya’s Head

Former Deputy Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Terence Mukupe has called on the government to deal with the fuel crisis saying that it was now unsustainable. According to the former deputy minister, the price of fuel should go up to $4.39 per litre to remove the pricing distortions created by the government insisting that … Read full post here

Govt Must Send Signal To SA That Bond Notes Have Failed – Cross Borders Cry Out

Zimbabwe Cross Border Traders Association (ZCBTA) has urged the government to admit that the bond notes have failed and to take steps to adopt the South African Rand instead. ZCBTA president Killer Zivhu said that the South African government has indicated that it is willing to help, therefore the government should signal that it needs … Read full post here

Teachers Demand Salaries In US Dollars…Threaten Extreme Measures

Teachers Demand Salaries In US Dollars  The Zimbabwe Teachers Union (Zimta) is demanding their salaries to be paid in hard currency following the ongoing financial crisis that has hit the economy. This follows an out of control budget deficit blamed on runaway government expenditure which  appears to be the immediate target of new finance minister … Read full post here

LATEST:OK MART shuts down following USD/RTGS Currency Madness

The Governor of the Reserve Bank John Mangudya announced that Banks had up to the 15th of October, to separate RTGS balances from USD accounts. This sent shock waves within the market as citizens feared the return of 2008 where overnight all their savings were rendered useless. Zimbabweans over the past week have been racing … Read full post here

“Zim dollar returning soon,”-RBZ governor finally reveals date and year

Zim dollar returning soon Reserve bank governor John Mangudya has revealed that  Zimbabwe should expect a return of the local currency in the next three to five years after the economy has stabilized. Speaking during an interview with Bloomberg TV in New York, America, Mangudya said there was a need to make improvements to the … Read full post here

Mahomed Mussa EMPTY Shelves: EMPLOYEES Reveal the TRUE Story

Mahomed Mussa EMPTY Shelves: EMPLOYEES Reveal the TRUE Story Social media was awash with rumors yesterday that one of the county’s largest wholesalers Mahomed Mussa was shutting down due to the skyrocketing RTGS/USD rate. The Black market rate has been escalating lately with $200 in your bank account getting you a paltry $100 in hard … Read full post here

Pfee with a bang! Prices sky rocket

Citizen reports have it that prices have sky rocketed in super markets and a few natural resources have become scarce. With the new dispensation in place shortly after the inauguration of elected President Emmerson Mnangagwa. Other news publications have also quoted around the speculation of the introduction of Chinese currency YUAN, and have also hinted … Read full post here