ZESA Announces City Wide Electricity Blackout…Check Areas And Time

ZESA Announces City Wide Electricity Blackout Power utility ZESA has announced that there will be a city-wide electricity blackout on Sunday. According to the struggling power utility, during the 12-hour blackout, it will be carrying out essential maintenance. The blackout will cover the majority of the capital and will last from 6 am to 6 […]

PIC: Price Madness – This Is The Outrageous Price Of Oranges In Zimbabwe

 Outrageous Price Of Oranges In Zimbabwe The shocking price of oranges in Zimbabwe Impoverished Zimbabweans are not likely to get a break anytime soon as the faltering economy continues tanking and prices continue shooting sky-high. It seems like Zimbabwe which already holds many dubious records for hyperinflation and ridiculous denominations of money may be embarking […]

Zimbabwe Civil Servants Accept 140% Pay Increase…Lowest To Earn ZWL$2 450

Zimbabwe Civil Servants Accept 140% Pay Increase   Reuters reports that Zimbabwe’s public sector workers (civil servants) have accepted a 140% salary hike starting this month, a union official said on Wednesday, averting a potential strike against President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government. Soaring inflation has eroded salaries and savings in the southern African nation, which is […]

Here Is How Mealie Meal Has Become The New Fuel In Zimbabwe, How Bigwigs Are Profiteering

How Mealie Meal Has Become The New Fuel   Zimbabwe has been plagued by a shortage of mealie ever since the government removed subsidies and then hastily reversed the move. The chaos was precipitated by Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube when he lifted all subsidies on the country’s staple apparently, without consulting his boss President Emmerson […]

Great News: EcoCash Users Can Now Reverse Transactions, Here Is How It Works

EcoCash Users Can Now Reverse Transactions     The country’s largest mobile money company, EcoCash has introduced a new feature which will allow users to reverse transactions that they may have made in error. This usually happens when EcoCash subscribers send money to fellow subscribers while absent-minded or careless and end up sending to the […]

RBZ FREEZES Bank Accounts As Chinese Firm Accused Of Manipulating Forex Rates On Black Market

RBZ Freezes Bank Accounts    The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has frozen the bank accounts of a firm which is allegedly involved in parallel market activities on the EcoCash platform.   The freezing of accounts comes a few hours after the central bank issued a strongly worded statement warning entities manipulating the foreign currency rates […]

Furious RBZ Threatens To FREEZE Bank Accounts As FOREX RATE Starts Spiking Again

RBZ Threatens To Freeze Bank Accounts  Governor John Mangudya’s RBZ Threatens To Freeze Bank Accounts   The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has threatened to freeze more bank accounts after the foreign currency exchange rates on the black market started rising this week. In a strongly-worded statement, the central bank threatened to freeze the accounts […]

Mthuli Ncube Promises To Release $50 Notes Soon…Insists That Inflation Is Normal

Mthuli Ncube Promises To Release $50 Notes Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube has promised to release higher denomination banknotes which include a $50 note. The introduction of the higher denomination cash notes is meant to ease the cash shortages which have been bedevilling the country for the better part of the last […]

BREAKING: Fuel Prices SHOOT UP As Blending Decreases To E5

Fuel Prices Shoot Up As Blending Increases 300 Percent To E20   The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) has announced yet another increase in the price of fuel. However, unlike in the past when the increase was always effective on a Monday, the new prices are effective today, Friday, 21 January 2020. The increase comes […]

Here Are The Govt’s Pay Dates For Civil Servants For The Year 2020

Govt’s Pay Dates For Civil Servants For 2020 The government through the Treasury has just released the proposed pay dates for civil servants for the whole of the year 2020. The dates follow the pattern of recent years in which soldiers and police receive their pay first. The first to get their pay deposited are […]