A Detailed Guide To Hotel Room Investment In Dubai

The concept of investing in hotel rooms is comparatively new. Various hotel investment opportunities in the Emirate have increased for interested investors to boost their portfolios. The freedom to invest in hotel rooms globally, including Dubai deserves your attention. 

Hotel room investment is defined as a buy-to-let investment in the UAE. Investors buy the unit and have the privilege to let it to the guests in return for a decided payment. Hotels also serve as management by monitoring the procedure for the investor, especially in a hotel apartment investment. This guide aims to share all the relevant terms and steps to secure a hotel room investment in Dubai. 

Personal Use

Some investments offer personal usage of the room by investors, but it’s restricted to particular days in a year. After limiting the days, the investor can also use the unit. This maximizes the income for hotels, and returns for the investors. 

Split Profits And Split Incomes

In the majority of hotel investment, income gained from a room is divided between the investor and hotel management. This presents a financial incentive for the hotel management team by taking earnings from different amenities they provide.

Lots of hotels can pool the earnings gained from rooms between investors. This strategy aims to guarantee that only one room generates less returns as opposed to the other ones. Furthermore, if the hotel does not share the return by this tactic, the room usage will be rotated. This keeps all the rooms occupied. In this way, each room will generate income to purchase a hotel room in the city. 


Now, let’s discuss the process of investing in a hotel room. 

How To Purchase Hotel Apartments for Investment In Dubai?

It is becoming a trend among investors to invest in hotel apartments. As hotels are hardly influenced by the fluctuations in the economy, this is a preferred option by many people. 

Hotel investment is typically straightforward and hassle-free as it is managed by a professional team. As an investor, you will enjoy a share in the lucrative revenue, along with a completely serviced, furnished room. Below is the step-by-step guide to make a hotel room investment in the Emirate:


  1. Carry out your research and search for a flat that fits your budget. Plus, be certain about the hotel’s address, credibility, and yearly return before shortlisting. 
  2. Negotiate with the hotel management regarding the offer. Be clear on the terms and conditions written on the contract before making your decision. After you agree on a price, sign up the agreement. Then, the real estate agent will register your name in full ownership. 
  3. Enjoy watching the money enter your account after the hotel room gets busy. You will soon earn your share. Guests in the hotel rooms pay a hefty price for staying there, and the returns are shared between the investor and the hotel. 

The Perks Of Investing In Dubai Hotels 

From the perspective of an investor, the hotel investment in the UAE enables them to have an indirect or hands-off approach to invest. The reason is because an organization will manage and advertise the hotel room on the behalf of the investor. This is how they boost the revenue. The investor is able to reap the benefits from different industry professionals that manage and promote the hotel units on their behalf.

A primary benefit for people that wish to invest in Dubai hotels is that this mode of investment is categorized as commercial instead of residential. This enables the investors to enjoy capitalist growth and tax-free earning.

Resultantly, investors are comparatively less vulnerable to permanent vacancy as opposed to the standard buy-to-let real estate investment that can remain empty for some months. 

On average, the returns created via investment in Dubai hotels tends to be higher than buy-to-let real estate investment. A gross yield of 12% can be generated yearly as opposed to the average gross yield of the conventional buy-to-let properties of 5% each year.

The flow of income that has been imposed on the return can boost the overall value of the hotels. Investors in the city are given the freedom to reap the benefits from a valuable establishment that boasts desirable amenities for the guests. This will amplify the probability of gaining a higher return on the investment. 

Financially, the monetary value of Dubai hotels has been majorly relying on the conditions of the economic market. Therefore, if there is an improvement in the economic market, the hotel industry will simultaneously improve as well. 

The Variables That Affect The Success Of Hotel Investment

  • Location 

One of the best factors that impact the selection of hotel investment in the Emirate is the address. This factor immensely impacts capital growth. Hotels are supposed to appeal overseas and local guests. Resultantly, the development should be in the vicinity of tourist attractions and public transportation links. 

Various locations can attract different guests to a hotel. A convenient address offers different perks. For example, if the hotel is situated in the mainland, the address will attract immense investment as they will be able to offer facilities for future inhabitants. This increases the potential to purchase hotel rooms.

  • Tourism

A primary aspect that governs the success of a hotel is tourism. The presence of tourist attractions within the surroundings can impact the occupancy rate. Ultimately, investors should do homework on local tourism. 

Not only this, they should make noteworthy efforts to boost and promote tourism in the surrounding area. The hotels present in posh areas such as Dubai Marina or Business Bay could reap huge perks for people that prefer hotel investment. 

Moreover, the bookings are expected to be coherent without having any particular dependence on tourism. These are great investment offers for interested buyers in the UAE.

  • Facilities 

Important features of a hotel that can skyrocket the investment usually depend on experienced hotel management companies. These firms prioritize special features such as customer service and service quality. The companies also focus on the available amenities like golf course, swimming pool, spa, and more. 

A capable marketing team inside the hotel is necessary to promote the available amenities. Plus, upscale standards and customer service can also increase profitability and customer retention. Real estate investment is a great idea to purchase hotel apartments in Dubai


Many investors are choosing to invest in hotel apartments. After an interested investor purchases the hotel apartment, the hotel management promotes it on their behalf. Guests pay a lucrative amount for spending time at the hotel. The return is split between the investor and the hotel. 

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