Seven Arrested For Rejecting Bond Notes

Seven arrested for rejecting bond notes Paul Nyathi In an interesting development, police arrested seven traders for rejecting bond notes. Police have followed up their words with action following a statement earlier this week threatening to deal with traders rejecting bond notes. Traders have been rejecting notes inscribed ‘bond notes’ in preference for those inscribed […]

EcoCash Is A Ponzi Scheme Which Is Devaluing The Zim Dollar: RBZ Fires Back At Lawsuit

EcoCash Is A Ponzi Scheme: RBZ EcoCash Is A Ponzi Scheme: RBZ   The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has labelled EcoCash a Ponzi Scheme which is accelerating the black market exchange rate and devaluing the Zimbabwe Dollar. The RBZ sensationally claimed that EcoCash has agents who have a massive overdraft on their Ecocash accounts […]

RBZ Sued By EcoCash For ‘Irrational’ Decision To Freeze Accounts Of Suspected Forex Dealers

RBZ Sued By EcoCash    The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been sued by mobile money giant EcoCash over its directive to freeze more than 100 accounts linked to mobile money agents. The central bank’s Financial Intelligence Unit alleged that some of these accounts were being used by illegal forex dealers to participate in the […]

Tenants Celebrate As ZACC Targets Landlords Demanding USD Rentals

ZACC Targets Landlords Demanding USD Rentals ZACC Targets Landlords Demanding USD Rentals The Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) has revealed that it is now targetting landlords who are demanding USD rentals for their properties. The anti-graft has advised tenants of landlords who are demanding rentals in United States Dollars or any other foreign currency for that […]

WATCH: Cartels Have Captured Everyone – Prosecutor General Makes Shocking Admission About Cartels’ Power

Prosecutor General Makes Shocking Admission About Cartels Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi Makes Shocking Admission About Cartels’  Power In Zimbabwe   Prosecutor General Kumbirai Hodzi has made a shocking admission after claiming that cartels have captured most state institutions. Hodzi claimed that the unnamed cartels which are mainly responsible for causing the suffering of the citizens […]

RBZ FREEZES Bank Accounts As Chinese Firm Accused Of Manipulating Forex Rates On Black Market

RBZ Freezes Bank Accounts    The Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has frozen the bank accounts of a firm which is allegedly involved in parallel market activities on the EcoCash platform.   The freezing of accounts comes a few hours after the central bank issued a strongly worded statement warning entities manipulating the foreign currency rates […]

Furious RBZ Threatens To FREEZE Bank Accounts As FOREX RATE Starts Spiking Again

RBZ Threatens To Freeze Bank Accounts  Governor John Mangudya’s RBZ Threatens To Freeze Bank Accounts   The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) has threatened to freeze more bank accounts after the foreign currency exchange rates on the black market started rising this week. In a strongly-worded statement, the central bank threatened to freeze the accounts […]

CBZ Speaks On $44 000 Withdrawal: Our Hands Are Clean, It Was A Legitimate Withdrawal

CBZ Speaks On  $44 000 Withdrawal Local financial institution CBZ seems to be in fire fighting mode after the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a damning statement alleging that the bank had allowed one customer to withdraw a massive $44 000. This amount is above and beyond the current weekly withdrawal limit of $300 for […]