Commission Based Jobs For Zimbos

Commission Based Jobs For Zimbos

Commission Based Jobs For Zimbos

By Shannon Nyajeka

Commission based work on Local Zimbos
Commission Based Jobs For Zimbos

The life of a post-graduate student getting into the real world is challenging and full of uncertainty. Venturing into the great unknown with the quest for financial independence. The coronavirus only amplified the plight of the industries and unemployment, with pre-existing companies not accepting individuals with no work experience as well as companies downsizing their labour force with mass retrenchment to stay afloat, it is almost impossible to earn and sustain a living.

The introduction of online freelance platforms like the LocalZimbo seems to be the only solution to combat this plight.

When I joined, I realised that the freelance website is tailor-made for combating my situation as a post-grad African/Zimbabwean student. I feel to best explain how this platform has helped me I would have to draw a comparison with this platform and other well-recognized platforms.

Other platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, have an online payment system. So it goes without saying that transferring those funds into your bank account will come with steep charges, as those platforms already take up to 20% of your commission by the time the money is in your personalized account you would have already lost almost half of it in transfer fees.

Now With the case of, the fees on this platform are less harsh and more compatible with the local payment systems, in this country.

There is more of a fair deal on this platform as people will become hired guns, for commission based gigs. The payments for gigs on this website are processed manually every Friday. Subscribers are urged to be part of local online financial service providers like (which functions like Paypal) which allows for the funds to be made available on Ecocash as well as transferred internationally.

Another advantage of being on Local Zimbo would be the timeliness of the payments. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork tend to make the seller wait two-three weeks after they have completed the assignment for the funds to be processed and ready to be transferred and ready to be transacted. Whereas with those funds take a shorter time to reflect in your account.

Opportunities are not just exclusively for the post-grad students, but there are for whoever avails themselves. That’s right, you see other pre-existing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are only profitable for postgraduates with impressive qualifications and strong portfolios. But even then the requests for orders are few and far between for Africans with credentials.

Getting duped, now a thing of the past

The best thing about this platform is that customers are protected from fraudsters. When you order service through the Local Zimbo, your funds are held until the service is delivered, then only can the seller be paid, when you approve the order.

Now with regards to the platform, the best attribute any subscriber of this platform can have is their availability for the gigs presented.

Unlike Fiverr, provides jobs for a multitude of industries as well as gigs that don’t necessarily need any qualifications or work experience.

That’s right, from gigs like graphic design, business services, a legal consultancy that require qualifications, to gigs like domestic work, handy repairs, and hairstylists that only require personal work experience and availability.

It is no secret that most companies and employment agencies have an influx of people seeking opportunities, however hypothetically speaking if the well dries up on your main claim to fame so to speak, availing yourself for gigs like domestic work and tutoring will still be able to make sure you stay afloat.

The ‘House call’ feature allows for you to bring whatever services you can provide straight to the consumer making this platform more interpersonal and that benefit is exclusive to

Another benefit that comes with the house call feature is how hospitals are not taking any more patients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, thus even nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors who are out of work can be discovered locally and can be paid to do home deliveries for their services which in this current situation is safe and the most ideal. to the internet at large is another freelance platform, but in the cases of Zimbabweans, is the ultimate online contingency plan for everyone with or without qualifications, It is the only platform custom made for the realities we face on a day today, it is the only platform where you can trade and engage with people within your national proximity and with provides timeliness of payment to alleviate any outstanding affairs with immediate effect. is jobless employment.

Commission Based Jobs For Zimbos


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