Content Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses 

Marketing is one of the most important factors for growing a business

Content Marketing Strategies for Local Businesses 

Content marketing centers on publishing different kinds of content that satisfy the interest of the company’s targeted audience and is done for purpose of attracting new customers. The main benefit of content marketing compared to other forms of internet promotion like pay-per-click ads is that it brings: predictable, scalable, and cost-effective traffic to the company’s website.

Most people tie content marketing with textual blog posts and other similar text forms, but the truth is that content can be developed in various forms including text, graphics, photos, video and audio recordings, software, and apps, etc and published on blogs, websites, online galleries, social media, YouTube channels and many other online places that can be used for this purpose. In this article, ​​digital marketing experts discuss content marketing strategies that can be successfully applied to local businesses.

Local Businesses and Content Marketing

A lot of small business owners hesitate when it comes to implementing content marketing strategies into their marketing plans. It’s wrong to think that a good content marketing strategy requires big funding or lots of manpower. Many sole entrepreneurs or one-man marketing teams succeed in running great content marketing campaigns by themselves. Their responsibilities are usually the following:

  1. Creating content
  2. Optimizing content for SEO
  3. Managing company’s social media accounts

When it comes to the content itself, there are plenty of ways to create good content that will be interesting for local businesses ’ targeted audience without losing too much time or hiring professional content creators. Photo of well-designed office interior or tasty-looking meal is a powerful content for small office-based business or a local restaurant.

The same goes for the video recording of a fun night in the local bar or a studio recording of a local banfd’s most popular song. One of the necessities when it comes to content creation is to start placing every bit of the company’s everyday business into a content frame.

How to Create a Local Content Strategy

In the previous paragraph, we emphasized how easy is to create good content, but creating a good content marketing strategy is not that simple. It should be an ongoing process whose ultimate goal is to increase sales and achieve sustainable competitive advantage. 

The Process of creating a local content marketing strategy can be done in 8 separate steps:

  1. Identifying Local Audience – this can be effectively done with the help of different analytic tools like Facebook Insights, Google Keyword Planner, or Neilson Prizm that also offers a ZIP Code Lookup option.
  2. Creating Goals and Rules– goals and rules of the campaign that are created, should be explained to all members of the marketing team.
  3. Analyzing Current Local Content – content that’s already published on the company’s website or social media pages should be analyzed and stacked up against the goals and rules of the new content marketing campaign, this is the only way to determine its value. This you can do by yourself or some new intern in your company, but if you want to do a good job, it is recommended to work with a professional agency.
  4. Developing Marketing Tactics – newly developed marketing tactics should be centered around things that are useful for local residents.
  5. Creating Content Calendar– this step is important since the content calendar establishes deadlines for creating and publishing content.
  6. Creating, Launching, and Promoting New Content – The most important step that deals with the content itself. For content promotion, marketers use many different social network websites and marketing platforms like Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, etc.
  7. Measuring and Reporting Content’s Performance – Analyzing content’s performance enables marketers to single out successful forms of content and use them more often in the future.
  8. Refining and Repeating the Process – There’s no perfect local content marketing strategy and there’s always a place for future refinements.

Different Types of Content

The most basic division of web content would be the one that separates it into text, video, audio, and graphic content group. Successful marketing strategies use all four kinds of content in their marketing campaigns, but depending on the company’s niche one of these kinds can be used more frequently than the other three.


Articles are the most common type of content created for content marketing purposes. Since most readers spend less than one minute on any webpage, they need to have catchy headlines and overviews that will make viewers search for more detail about the subject.

Writers should break their articles into several small sections that should have their own headers and subheaders that need to be SEO optimized. Creating back-links to articles on websites and blogs that accept guest posts is a great way to popularize them and grow the company’s website traffic.


With an increase in internet speed, video content became an increasingly popular form for content marketing campaigns. Good video content needs to be relevant to the subject, fun and it should contain a call to action in both visual and audio manner.

Photos, Sketches, and Infographics

This graphic content can be very useful for local businesses. When it comes to photos literally any scene from the working process can become a Kodak moment and can be turned into good content. For restaurants, a photo of a delicious-looking meal can be great for promotion, and a useful infographic that explains some bureaucratic procedures can be very valuable for a local law firm.


Due to the increasing popularity of video content audio recordings have been neglected in many content marketing campaigns. This type of content is very useful for local businesses and depending on the company that’s being promoted it should be made for creative or explanatory purposes.

The important thing for all audio content is that it should be consistent with company values while being unique and original at the same time. It should also leave a memorable imprint on its listeners no matter what kind of audio content we’re talking about (songs, Instructables, speeches, etc).


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