Here Is How To Get ZESA Electricity Tokens On Credit

How To Get ZESA Electricity Tokens On Credit On Econet

How To Get ZESA Electricity Tokens On Credit On Econet

How To Get ZESA Electricity Tokens On Credit On Econet


The country’s biggest mobile network operator, Econet, has introduced a new facility which allows cash strapped subscribers to get ZESA electricity tokens on credit. This move is likely to be welcomed by many people, as some people sometimes have to go a few days without power when things get really tough.

Surprisingly, the new feature was seemingly launched quietly with no fanfare.

The ZESA electricity tokens on credit feature can be accessed using the USSD code. However, the feature may not be available to everyone, because certain conditions have to be met.

According to Zimpricecheck, some of the conditions include the following:

  • You must be regularly using your Econet line. This feature will not work with a newly purchased line or with one that has been lying dormant for some time.
  • Your line should be in good standing and should not have any outstanding airtime credit that has not been paid.
  • For some reason, your line should not have more than ZWL$10.00 airtime. If your line has more than ZWL$10 airtime, you get the message

“Sorry, your airtime balance is too high. To qualify for Zesa On Credit service your balance should not exceed ZWL$10.00”



That said, here is how to get ZESA electricity tokens on credit on your Econet line.

  • Dial *179#
  • Select Option 2: ZESA On Credit
  • You will be taken to a similar screen where you select Option 1: ZESA On Credit.
  • At this point, if you do not qualify, you will get an error message and won’t be able to proceed.
  • If you do qualify, however, you then follow the prompts and enter your metre number and confirm.

So far, Econet’s Zesa On Credit service allows you to get electricity worth only ZWL$50. however, as this appears to be the pilot program, the company may introduce higher amounts in future. For this service, you will have to repay the amount plus 26 per cent interest. We suspect the figure for the interest was arrived at after the company analysed the country’s inflation trends.

With relatively very little or no load shedding at all and with lockdown regulations stopping many people from going to work, some people have been facing a different kind of problem concerning electricity: affordability. This likely means that the Econet Zesa On Credit feature will have a market.

Issues of affordability are quite evident when on the first day of each month, scores of people try to purchase electricity units and in the process sometimes overwhelm the system. This is because every new month, allows people to buy subsidized units and many people who would have run out will be eager for a chance to buy cheaper units.

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