Here Is Why You Are Having Power Cuts: ZESA Explains Recent Loadshedding

Zesa explains power cuts- iHarare

ZESA Explains Recent Power Cuts

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ZESA has explained the recent power cuts experienced in various parts of Zimbabwe.

The power utility said the recent power cuts are due to a technical fault at Kariba and Hwange Power station.

Power supply had improved since March until recently when some parts of the country started experiencing power shortages.

In an interview with The Herald, ZESA Holdings acting group stakeholder relations manager Ms. Prisca Utete explained the situation has been made worse by the unavailability of normal import levels due to constraints in the Southern African region.

She said:

Hwange unit 5 has been out and works are at an advanced stage to recover it, while Unit 2 developed tube leaks and repairs are almost complete with expectations of bringing it back as soon as possible, hence minimising the demand supply mismatch. Unit 8 is out of service due to a technical fault at Kariba power station, which is currently operating with seven units. Efforts are underway to restore this unit.

Utete stated power supply will improve commencing this week.

The power cuts drastically resumed barely a week after President Emmerson Mnangagwa fired Fortune Chasi as Energy Minister and replaced him with the unheralded Soda Zhemu.

After months without experiencing any power cuts, many Zimbabweans got a rude awakening, when the power shortages returned. As expected, people took to social media to vent and to express their unhappiness at the new status quo.

Although the power cuts are not as extensive as those experienced during last year’s massive load shedding, people are anxious that the current situation may be a warning of much worse to come.

Unsurprisingly, some have linked the drastic change in the power situation with the firing of Fortune Chasi. Chasi who is affectionately known as ‘Chibabest’ is widely respected on social media by many from the political divide for the way he was open to interacting and discussing major issues.

Whilst others are also calling for new Minister Soda Zhemu to be fired, blaming him for the return of power cuts. Others, have taken it a notch further and are accusing Chasi of scheming to sabotage the power grid.

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