“It’s Unfair”: Impoverished Nurses Cry Foul, BEG Strive Masiyiwa For Salary Package

Strive Masiyiwa

Nurses Beg Strive Masiyiwa For Salary Package

Nurses Beg Strive Masiyiwa For Salary Package
Nurses Beg For Salary Package From Strive Masiyiwa’s Higher Life Foundation

Nurses have appealed to billionaire telecoms businessman Strive Masiyiwa to intervene with salary packages in the same manner that he did for doctors. The doctors recently ended a four-month strike which had crippled the health system after they received a $100 million allowance from Strive Masiyiwa’s Higher Life Foundation. The Higher Life Foundation is paying consultants ZW$10 000 per month, ZW$7 500 per month for senior doctors and ZW$5000 per month for junior doctors.

The nurses who are feeling neglected have appealed for the businessman to set up a similar fund for them, arguing that they are just as vital to the health system. They also argue that their remuneration from the government is inadequate for them to continue doing their jobs meaningfully.

The nurses revealed this during a hearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Health and Child Care. Zimbabwe Nurses Association president Mr Enock Dongo bemoaned the disparity between doctors and nurses. Dongo is quoted by the Health Times as saying,

 We commend the HLF for coming to the rescue of the situation but in that vein the government through the health and finance ministries should now cover that gap or talk to Masiyiwa’s on behalf of HigherLife Foundation to also extend that gesture to nurses so we can work together.

The nurses applauded the move by the Higher Life Foundation although they acknowledged that more can still be done.

This is not enough. I didn’t say it’s enough or didn’t say the money should be taken away from them. No. We are imploring to the government to say a health delivery system is like a body. There is no way that you can work effectively without the other part. We complement each other.

So when the doctors were on strike, it seems as if going on strike pays more than those who were at work. Nurses were at work suffering without resources. Those who were abandoning patients, going on strike they then come now with an offer they have been given by somebody and say all the nurses come back to work five days a week. Munhu iyeye arikutaura ane ZW$10 000 irikudziya pahomwe umwe haana chaakapihwa.

…We have got nurses who are in E grades where the doctors are. Those senior nurses supervise these doctors in terms of administrative work at hospitals. But they are now finding themselves having nothing but this one who abandoned patients is smiling.

Dongo also castigated senior doctors who have been calling for the removal of flexible hours for nurses.

I was just speaking to the issue on the senior doctors’ petition that nurses should not have flexible hours. I was justifying why nurses are doing flexible hours. These will not take nurses out of incapacitation neither will they bring food to their tables. Nurses remain incapacitated. In fact, nurses remain in poverty inasmuch as they are doing their flexible hours.

“What we were not in agreement was for the doctors to come to the Parliament and advocate for the removal of flexible hours. The only removal of the flexible hours is when government is going to provide a salary on the interbank market rate or if they are talking of a gap of nurse-patient care which is deteriorating, there is need to employ more nurses in the street.

Masiyiwa and the Higher Life Foundation are yet to respond to the request by the nurses.

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