Kombis To Go For Good: Government Says Private Kombis Will Remain BANNED Even After Lockdown

Kombis Will Remain BANNED

Private Kombis Will Remain BANNED

Kombis Will Remain BANNED


The government has dealt a huge blow to commuter omnibuses, Kombis in local parlance, after announcing that they will not be allowed back on the roads. According to the government, the kombis will remain banned even after the lockdown has ended because the government wants to bring sanity to the transport sector.

The weekly publication the Sunday News reports that Local Government and Public Works Minister July Moyo confirmed to the publication that the ban on private commuter omnibuses will be made permanent. The only way the kombis will be allowed to operate is if they register with and fall under the Zimbabwe United Passenger Company (Zupco).

Speaking to the publication, Minister Moyo said,

“What we are doing is we want to bring sanity into the transporting sector like what we have done with the haphazard vending that was in the Central Business Districts. The President told us that this is the time for us to bring sanity to some sectors during this lockdown. What the kombi owners can do is register their vehicles with Zupco together with their drivers and they will be good. Actually, Zupco is paying them more than what they are making right now.

“We have partnered with a young gentleman from the Harare Institution of Technology who has given us an application that can help us monitor all buses and kombis under Zupco. The application monitors fuel efficiency and when a bus goes off route, it can automatically cut the engine off. This is honestly the direction we want to take as a Government, which is what used to occur back then, we are simply reviving an old system,”

“This won’t be an easy task; we will obviously have a lot of challenges but we are committed to making this work. As I said earlier, operators must realise that they will make more money, as I am speaking in Manicaland some operators who are under this scheme have made a donation of close to $10 million for the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic,”


Kombis Will Remain BANNED
Kombis Will Remain BANNED

However, Kombi operators say the government’s move is unconstitutional and have vowed to approach the courts if the directive is not reversed.  Tshova Mubaiwa chairperson, Mr Atlas Moyo told the publication.

“As an association, we opened the door to our members who wanted to join Zupco, those members that have remained have made it clear that they won’t be forced to operate under Zupco.

“We are a fully registered company and have the protection of the law. Yes, someone can say that we are barred from operating but we will fight until the end,”

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