Reasons why Lithium Inverter batteries are expensive yet are preferable

Reasons why Lithium Inverter batteries are expensive yet are preferable

It is true that a lithium-ion solar inverter battery is significantly more expensive than, for example, a conventional lead battery of the same performance. A 2000 Wh Lithium Solar inverter battery comes around the price of 50000 to 55000 Indian Rupees whereas a small 500 Wh Lithium Inverter battery price is around 12500(USD168) to 15000(USD202) Indian Rupees. But this price is reasonable for many reasons. We have tried to discuss some of the main points which justify the price of Lithium Solar inverter battery in the comparison of conventional Lead Acid Battery. 

It is known that lead-acid batteries should always be fully charged with each charging process and never deeply discharged in order to maintain their capacity. With lithium batteries, on the other hand, regular partial charging does not have a detrimental effect on their overall capacity.

Advantages of lithium-ion solar inverter batteries over lead batteries

Wherever lead-acid batteries were common in the past, there is a high probability that we will come across a Lithium Solar inverter battery today. Typical areas of application are solar systems, mobile homes, boats and yachts as well as electromobility.

If you consider the totality of its advantages, it quickly becomes clear that its relatively high price is absolutely justified. But what are the advantages here?

  • Longevity

Lithium-ion solar inverter batteries based on lithium iron phosphate last an average of five times longer than conventional lead-acid batteries, which are usually not completely maintenance-free if you want structural damage to them that would shorten their service life considerably, avoid. 

1. Instantly available energy

A lithium-ion solar inverter battery is charged much faster than a lead battery. This is also an important reason for using this type of battery for electric vehicles. On the other hand, in certain applications, it is important that a battery can provide very high currents for a short time. We know such power surges from the starter of a vehicle or from the ignition, for example. 

2. Lithium is more effective

When a battery is “stressed”, the Lithium Solar inverter battery always cuts a fine figure. Unlike the conventional lead battery, whose internal resistance can collapse in the cold, which is often noticeable in winter as the eternal junk of the starter, a lithium-ion solar inverter battery is hardly affected by temperature fluctuations.

3.Lithium is very light

In fact, after hydrogen and helium, lithium is the third lightest element in the chemical table. The nucleus of the alkali metal contains only three protons and four neutrons. So it’s no wonder that lithium-ion batteries are particularly well suited for all electrical devices that require minimization of weight with high energy density, as is the case, for example, with drones or boat and model buildings.

4.Lithium batteries are safer and more environmentally friendly

The recycling or reuse of disused lithium batteries is relatively easy and therefore inexpensive. In addition to the more common isotope lithium-7 (the number refers to the atomic weight), there is also the isotope lithium-6 with a share of 7.4 percent. Both isotopes are chemically stable, so they are not subject to radioactive decay.  

So these were the main points that justify the Lithium Solar inverter battery price in my thoughts. If you have more to say and want to share your thoughts then write it down below in the comments.

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